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What country is vaal river in?

Vaal River is in South Africa in the regions of Free State,Gauteng, Northern Cape, and Mpumalanga. It is the largest tributaryriver of the Orange River.
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In what city is the river vaal?

the VAAL RIVER runs through a few small cities and town in South Africa. In the Vaal Triangle Area, water entertainment ideal for boating , skiing etc, is made possible by con (MORE)
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What happened in the Vaal reef disaster?

A locomotive entered the wrong tunnel and plunged down a mine shaft, striking the safety detaching hooks mounted on top of the "cage" (elevator for a mine), which are intended (MORE)
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Where is Vaal River?

\n. \n. \n. \nThe Vaal River is the largest tributary of the Orange River in South Africa. The river has its source in the Drakensberg mountains in Mpumalanga, east of Joha (MORE)
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What is the circumference of the Vaal Dam in SA?

A conservative estimate is 430kms. I used Google Earth measuring tool and plotted all round from Deneysville bridge going 360 degrees around. Excluding all river areas.
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What province is Vaal dam in?

The vaal dam is actually in two provinces of south Africa. It forms the border between Gauteng and the Free State.
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What movie and television projects has Erica Vaal been in?

Erica Vaal has: Played Myriam in "Ivan (il figlio del diavolo bianco)" in 1953. Played Juana in "Thunderstorm" in 1956. Played Gelina in "Dort in der Wachau" in 1957. Played D (MORE)