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What is the Knightly Order Valiant of Saint George?

  The Knightly Order Valiant of St George is a Christian knightly association originating in Hungary, where the Order was founded in 1326 by King Karoly Robert. In the con (MORE)

Who was the son of Prince Valiant and Aleta?

Prince Valiant and his wife Aleta have five children. The oldest, Arn, named after Val's boyhood chum who appeared in the comic strip in the nineteen thirties, also appears in (MORE)
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What does valiant effort mean?

A valiant effort is when you make a good and honorable attempt at something. It's often used to describe someone who failed but did pretty much everything they could to succee (MORE)

What does it mean to be valiant?

The word valiant means brave, spirited, bold, noble, or heroic. If someone is "valiant," it means they are brave and determined.
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Top speed of a valiant R or S?

    Quoting from the unique Cars and Parts web site about the release of the Australian Valiant with the 3.7 litre engine- "The good news didn’t end there, Chrysler (MORE)