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What is validate?

meaning validated . validate (v.) To declare or make legally valid. :To mark with an indication of official sanction. :To establish the soundness of; corroborate.
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What does valid mean?

applies to that which cannot be objected to because it conforms to law, logic, the facts, etc. Synonyms: good,avaliable,or true
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What is a valid opinion?

An opinion is someone's thoughts and feelings on a subject. That opinion is said to be "valid" if there is good reasoning behind it, or if it's understandable that someone wou ( Full Answer )
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How is Kw valid?

Kw is the ionisation constant for water at 25°C which value is 1.0x10^-14. (chemistry) In water at any pH the equilibrium state K w is defined by and equal to the 'i ( Full Answer )
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How valid is the UCR?

The UCR is the most valid way to compare crime across the United States. THis is because it includes a standardized system for collecting the data and factors in the populatio ( Full Answer )
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When is a study valid?

a study is valid when a control group is present, and a dependent variable is held constant.
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How do you validate JavaScript?

Testing and debugging javascript as a "compile on runtime" kind of language can be a pain since one have to test each feature of the program individually to see if there are e ( Full Answer )
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What is requirement validation?

Requirements\nvalidation is a critical step in the development process, usually after\nrequirements engineering or requirements analysis. Also at delivery (client\nacceptance ( Full Answer )
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What is Causal Validity?

Causal validity is also referred to as internal validity. It refersto how well experiments are done and what we can infer from thoseresults.
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What is a validation key?

Hi! Whenever you buy some new computer software...A validation key is always given for validation of your software. This might be for your operating system, Office Software ( Full Answer )