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Who sang valkyrie?

"Ride of the Valkyries" was composed by Richard Wagner. There is no singing in it.
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What is a Valkyrie?

The word "Valkyrie" or "Valkyr" comes from the old Norse meaning "Maiden of the father". It later also came to mean "Chooser of the slain". The Valkyrs were personal handmaid ( Full Answer )
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Who was Valkyries' mother?

In popular use it has two meanings. More or less crossword puzzle slang- a Female Viking with Viking helmet. 2. a sort of War Goddess and protectress of the fighting men of th ( Full Answer )
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Was Valkyrie a ship?

Valkyrie was the name of a spaceship on Battle Star Galatica.The Honda Valkyrie is a motorcycle produced by Honda between 1996and 2003, including both years. This bike was kno ( Full Answer )
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What is plan valkyrie?

Valkyries refer to the great Norse female demigod warriors.Operation Valkyrie was complex German contingency plan to resolvethe break down of civil order and possible uprising ( Full Answer )
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What was project valkyrie?

This term was correctly code-named to the XB-70 supersonic six-engined bomber used by the U. S. A.F. in experimental role only. It was made by North America and had General El ( Full Answer )
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What are Valkyries?

Valkyries or Shield-Maidens would carry those who died a nobledeath in battle to Valhalla were upon the start of Ragnarok, theywould fight along side the gods.
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How were valkyries?

According to Norse mythology, valkyries are female warriors whochoose the bravest fighters that are killed in battle and escortthem to Valhalla, a great hall ruled by Odin. Th ( Full Answer )
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Why did Valkyrie fail?

It failed because the plan to kill Hitler failed, but also because there were too many people to control in his empire. That is, the "rebellion" could not contain all of the n ( Full Answer )
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Who are the valkyries?

Valkyries are female spirits or demigoddesses in Norse mythology. The word valkyrie comes from old Norse valkyrja, and means "chooser of the slain." The valkyries are said to ( Full Answer )