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Why is the rainforest valuable?

the rain forest is valuable because many medicines are derived from rain forest plants. Most importantly, our oxygen comes from plants, the more plants, the more oxygen. The (MORE)

Why are gemstones valuable?

All gemstones are not valuable. Many gems start from 0.20$ percarat too. Mostly all opaque stones are cheap in prices andtransparent stones come high in prices.
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What is a valuable violin?

One of the most valuable violins out there is the original "Viper", which is an electric violin with seven strings. It will one day be displayed in the Smithsonian Institution (MORE)
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What is the verb for valuable?

A verb for valuable could be valuate. As in "to valuate the worth of an item".

Why is truth valuable?

I can't think of anything more important than the truth. If we don't know the truth, then we are dealing falsity. Not knowing the truth is like being blind, deaf and unable to (MORE)
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Are furby's valuable?

Are Furby's Valuable? Generally, Item's are valuable if they are collectible, old or unique. Furby's were first made in 1999. This means only the original Furby's will b (MORE)
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Is a violin valuable?

It depends on the violin, beginner violins are around 100$ Violins vary a lot, you could probably take it to a local music shop and they can tell you.

Are netsukes valuable?

Depends on the quality of the netsuke. Just like with paintings, or any type of art, there is a huge difference in price depending on the quality. You can pick them up for a c (MORE)