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How valuable is opal?

Ther is no set answer to this question. Each opal is unique and has its own value. From colorless opal to the most prized fire opal it depends on the size and color. A good pl (MORE)

What is valuable to Scrooge?

the thing that is most important to Scrooge from A Christmas Carol is money. That is how he lost love in life. Belle, the girl Scrooge loved in the past asked him if he would (MORE)

What quarters are valuable?

Quarters dated 1964 and prior are 90% silver and worth about $5.50 at the time of writing just in pure silver content. 1916 Standing Liberty quarters are key dates and worth q (MORE)

Is argon valuable?

It isn't as valuable as gold or things like that, but it is more expensive than some elements. It isn't extremely valuable but i mean it is slightly more expensive than your a (MORE)

Is silver valuable?

Yes, it is very valuable. It is a very low reactive metal and hence it is highly used for making jewelery and other such valuable things. Also, it is not very abundant and thu (MORE)

Why is truth valuable?

I can't think of anything more important than the truth. If we don't know the truth, then we are dealing falsity. Not knowing the truth is like being blind, deaf and unable to (MORE)
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Why is a diamond valuable?

They are very hard to find and they are very very strong. The only thing that can break the gem is another gem of it's kind. They also take tens of thousands of years to form (MORE)

Why are wetlands valuable?

"As people understand ecological processes better,attitudes toward wetlands change. we now know that wetlands are,in fact,valuable natural resources. Whether drier or wetter,b (MORE)