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Expanded value added tax?

Expanded value added tax is a form of sales tax that is assessed on  the sale of goods or services of items imported into the  Philippines. It is considered a consumption ta (MORE)

Value-Added Tax - VAT history in the Philippines?

The VAT was first introduced in the Philippines in 1988, and  replaced various indirect taxes such as the annual fixed tax,  original sales tax on manufacturers and producer (MORE)

Value added tax mean?

  Answer   Value-added tax (VAT) is an indirect tax on the supply of goods and services by a person (called a vendor). It is normally charged at a flat rate, based (MORE)
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What is value added tax?

 A value added tax, or VAT, is a more complicated version of a sales tax.  In the US, most states enforce a sales tax on goods and services. For example, if there is a 10 (MORE)

How does value added tax work?

its very simple , instead of attaching fixed taxes upon small valued items, tax is instead value based. this is value added example 10euro x 22%+ total price 12.20
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Is there Value-added tax on services?

probably, or its claimed in expenses Yes, VAT applies to both goods and services. Different countries apply the tax in different ways but, in general, most countries will exem (MORE)
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Extended value added tax?

The extended value added tax is a new law that was passed in the  Philippines in 2005. This law adds taxes to petroleum, electricity,  and other services.
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What is is ad valorem tax?

Ad Valorem tax is a form of personal property taxes. Items that are  subject to ad valorem tax are vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts,  ATVs, recreational vehicles, campers, (MORE)