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What is the value of Pi on a duodecimal system?

The first 101 digits are 3.18480 9493B 91866 4573A 6211B B1515  51A05 72929 0A780 9A492 74214 0A60A 55256 A0661 A0375 3A3AA 54805  64688 0181A 36830. It is, of course still (MORE)

What is value of 1 Dubai dihram?

the exchange rate would come into play? It also depends which currency you want the answer in?  1 UAE Dihram currently equals around 15.5 pence sterling @ an exchange rate of (MORE)

What is Indian Value System?

  Irrespective of the cultural or social diversity, a common value system is one of the binding ingredients that give Indians a common identity.   Traditionally, Indian (MORE)
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What are value systems?

A value system is a set of consistent ethical values  (more specifically the personal and cultural values) and  measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integ (MORE)