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What are the risk factors of valvular heart disease?

Risk factors for Valvular Heart Disease include:. 1. Aging. 2. Hypertension. 3. High cholesterol levels. 4. Smoking. 5. Insulin resistance and diabetes. 6. Overweight/ob ( Full Answer )
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How is valvular heart disease diagnosed?

Specific types of valvular heart disease are diagnosed using electrocardiography (EKG), echocardiography, certain x-ray studies, and/or cardiac catheterization.
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How is valvular heart disease treated?

The treatment of specific valvular heart diseases will vary, depending on the valve involved and the extent of damage or malfunction. Some patients will not require treatment ( Full Answer )
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Can aging cause valvular heart disease?

The mitral and aortic valves may also be affected by deposits of calcium in the heart that occurs with aging. This can lead to thickening and leakage of heart valves. Heart at ( Full Answer )
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Can valvular heart disease be cured?

The prognosis for patients with valvular heart disease varies depending on the underlying cause, age and health of the patient, and the degree of valvular damage or involvemen ( Full Answer )
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What causes valvular heart disease?

Problems with heart valves may occur as a result of infection, degeneration, or congenital abnormality. The most common infections are rheumatic fever and infective endocardit ( Full Answer )
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What kinds of valvular heart disease are there?

Patients with valvular heart disease have a malfunction of one or more of these valves. There are several types of valvular heart diseases with distinct symptoms and treatment ( Full Answer )
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What is valvular heart disease?

Valvular heart disease refers to several disorders and diseases of the heart valves, which are the tissue flaps that regulate the flow of blood through the chambers of the hea ( Full Answer )
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Why is valvular angioplasty performed?

Valvular angioplasty is performed in children and adults to relieve stenosis. While it offers relief, it does not always cure the problem, particularly in adults.
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What is the cause of valvular stenosis?

Valvular stenosis can be a congenital defect (develops in the fetus and is present at birth) or can be acquired, that is to stem from other conditions.