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What is vamping?

i think that it is when you play a chord progression over and over, perhaps as an intro or a simple accompaniment, or a timewaster until the other musicians are ready to jump ( Full Answer )
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What is vamp?

a vampire daaaaaaaa i should know people are always calling me that cuz i am 1
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How do you meet a vamp?

By living in a completely delusional frame of mind. Seriously people, vampires DO NOT EXIST. Never have, never will. They are fictional. The end.
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What is a vamp-wolf?

It would be perhaps some sort of vampire-werewolf hybrid. The only story I've encountered this is the Underworld franchise.
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How do you know if your a vamp?

You are not a vamp because they do not exist. They are from myth and legends. No one is a vamp.
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Are you a vamp?

No. All vampires are fake. A hoax. Sorry. They are. YES I AM FEAR ME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vamp ( Full Answer )
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How did the twilight vamps turn into vamps?

Carlisle: he was leading a chase after a very old vampire, due to his fathers intolerance of magic, and the vampire too weak with hunger couldn't run any longer. he turned aro ( Full Answer )
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Do vamps exist?

Yes, Only in books, movies, t elevision shows and legends. However, not in real life. Although, it would be awesome if they did.
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Who is the vamps?

The Vamps are made up of four boys, Bradley Simpson, (Lead vocalsand guitar), Connor Ball (Bass guitar and vocals), Tristan Evans(Drums and vocals) and James McVey (Lead guita ( Full Answer )
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Who is who in the vamps?

Bradley William Simpson is lead vocals and rhythm guitar, James Daniel McVey is vocals and guitar, Connor Samuel John Ball is vocals and bass guitar, and Tristan Oliver Vance ( Full Answer )