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You have a 2000 Chevy venture ext ls model the lights flicker when the van is stopped or in park why does it do this?

Answer:my 2000 venture had the same problem.. took it too a dealer.. and after looking around a bit they came back with a piece of paper from GM that told them there was a com (MORE)

What is vans?

Vans was the first company ever to create shoes for skateboarding, way back in 1966. vans a flat bottom shoe mint for skateboarding and they are sold at most places but can (MORE)

Can you park a car in Central Park?

No, you cannot park your car in Central Park. However, Central Park is surrounded by city streets. It is bordered by 59th Street to the south, 110th Street to the north, Centr (MORE)
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What dost van van mean?

'van' usually denotes that a person come from that family. Example: Aaron van Horne. Aaron came from the van Horne family. In Germany, they have the same idea, except with 'vo (MORE)

Where are the dykes on the Detroit river?

Downstream of Fighting Island the river is broad and shallow, except in the navigation channel (the Ballards Reef Channel). About 1-3/4 miles below Fighting Island, this chann (MORE)

What did a chemical plant make in 1940's Chicago on the north side of Avondale Park near Avondale and Roscoe named Van Shacht and what were in the many large hills of debris?

I am not shure what was made here but i think the plant caught  on fire in 1945 and there was an explosin there killing 5  firefighters. 
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Why is My 1989 ford van is stuck in park and wont start?

  Answer     On these vans, there's a long interlock rod that operates the ignition switch. That's way down on the steering column not behind the key where you'd (MORE)