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Does Ludwig van Beethoven have any brothers or sisters?

Ludwig van Beethoven's parents had seven children, but only three boys survived (counting Beethoven himself). Therefore, he had two younger brothers. The middle of the three w (MORE)

What is vans?

Vans was the first company ever to create shoes for skateboarding, way back in 1966. vans a flat bottom shoe mint for skateboarding and they are sold at most places but can (MORE)

Are rvd and jean claude van dam brothers?

No they're not. RVD's real name is Robert "Rob" Alexander szatkowski and was born in 1970 in battle creek, Michigan. his wrestling name is rob van dam. Jean-Claude Van Damm (MORE)

Who is Van Vicker?

  Answer   Van Vicker is an actor in the film industry of Ghana, Africa, who is usually cast as the male romantic lead in films, often alongside actresses Jackie  A (MORE)
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What dost van van mean?

'van' usually denotes that a person come from that family. Example: Aaron van Horne. Aaron came from the van Horne family. In Germany, they have the same idea, except with 'vo (MORE)

Had Friedrich Doenitz brother van Karl Doenitz ouwn children?

Friedrich doenitz had at least 1 son i know off and his name is peter wallis who lives in Bristol England. I know peter has a sister but i don't know her name. peter in turn a (MORE)

Who owns VANS?

The owners of Vans include James Van Doren, Paul Van Doren, Gordon  C. Lee and Serge D'Elia. The company was founded in 1966.

What is van Insurance?

  If you are planning on using a van in your business or personal life then it is essential that you have van insurance. Van insurance protects you and your company from (MORE)