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What is the hosting of grand ball by Vanderbilt family?

On March 26, 1883, Mrs. William Kissam Vanderbilt hosted a party to show off their family's new home in New York City. It wasn't just a party, it was a grand ball- the most da (MORE)

Who are some famous alumni from Vanderbilt?

  Lamar Alexander, John Nance Garner, Al Gore, Jr., Tipper Gore, Supreme Court Associate Justice James Clark McReynolds, Congressman Steve Cohen, David Boaz, John R. Steel (MORE)

Who is George Vanderbilt?

George Vanderbilt built Biltmore Estates. He married Edith Stuyvesant Dresser. His only child was Cornelia Vanderbilt, she was named after her grandfather- Cornelius. George d (MORE)

Why was Cornelius Vanderbilt famous?

Cornelius Vanderbuilt was one of the rich Americans in history. He made his wealth in shipping and railroads. ----- He was famous as a self-made man, because he was one of (MORE)

What is the GPA of Vanderbilt?

Your question is ambiguous. Assuming you are asking "what is the average GPA for high school students admitted to Vanderbilt Undergrad", according to, the aver (MORE)

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