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How is Vangelis pronounced?

MARK J. T. GRIFFIN wrote in his book Vangelis The Unknown Man: Vangelis, which is pronounced Van (as in vantage), gel (GEHL with a hard "g" as in good), is (as in his) and i (MORE)

Why was General Vang Pao arrested?

  Answer   On June 4, 2007, Vang and nine others were arrested in California and charged with criminal conspiracy to acquire weapons for hostile activities in Laos
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How can I franchise pao tsin dumplings?

To franchise Paotsin Dumplings you would need to contact their  corporate office. There are many steps as well as financial and  credit obligations that must be met before o (MORE)
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What is kung pao sauce?

It is a sauce used in Chinese cooking, usually used with chicken. It is very spicy, and is commonly stir fried with peanuts, hot peppers, and bell peppers. It can also be call (MORE)
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What is kung pao chicken?

Kung Pao chicken is a traditional Chinese dish. It is a Szechuan  dish that is made from stir-fry vegetables, spicy peppers, peanuts,  and chicken.

How do you dry kung pao peppers?

  If they are anything like the Thai Orange peppers, I just clipped them from the plant and let them air dry on a drying rack. They set near a south facing window, but not (MORE)