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Why was General Vang Pao arrested?

Answer . On June 4, 2007, Vang and nine others were arrested in California and charged with criminal conspiracy to acquire weapons for hostile activities in Laos
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How is Vangelis pronounced?

MARK J. T. GRIFFIN wrote in his book Vangelis The Unknown Man: Vangelis, which is pronounced Van (as in vantage), gel (GEHL with a hard "g" as in good), is (as in his) and (MORE)
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Is Vang Pao good or bad?

No he isn't bad. what he has done for his fellow Hmong people was the most honorable thing anyone could ever do for his people. why don't you research on how Hmong people have (MORE)
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Can vangelis talk English?

Do you mean Vangelis Papathanassiou? Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, 1492? Yes he can, and he does often.
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Does vangelis have a brother?

Do you mean Vangelis Papathanassiou of Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner fame? Yes he does. Niko Papathanassiou also had a career in the music business, producing Italian progr (MORE)
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How do snakes get there vangs out?

When not in use, the fangs lie flat in the snake's mouth - pointing backwards along the gum-line. When the snake opens its mouth, muscular contractions pull the fangs into t (MORE)
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What is a vang?

With the warmer weather finally here both new and experienced sailors will be taking to the water. Included in the list of equipment that newer sailors will be learning about (MORE)
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Where in the world is Vang Vieng located?

Vang Vieng (Lao: 퀌æ퉌_퉌_퀌æ퉌_퉌±í€Œæ퉌_퉌ˆí₠(MORE)
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What has the author Lue Vang written?

Lue Vang has written: 'Grandmother's path, grandfather's way =' -- subject(s): Folklore, Hmong Needlework, Hmong language, Hmong poetry, Needlework, Hmong
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What has the author Pobzeb Vang written?

Pobzeb. Vang has written: 'White paper on demonstrations of Hmong refugees and letters from the Napho and Ban Vinai Camps, Thailand, to President Bill Clinton in 1993' -- su (MORE)