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Is vanilla a fruit?

Yes, vanilla is a legume fruit. Vanilla pods are derived from Orchids, this makes them botanically fruits. (Orchids are not legumes but the terms pod and bean are used for b (MORE)

What is vanilla made of?

Vanilla is a flavoring and an aromatic. It comes from the seeds of an orchid. The vanilla beans are the pods of the orchid that hold the seeds. The seeds can be used directly (MORE)

Can vanilla spoil?

  I have some pretty old vanilla extract and have never had it "spoil", although it does seem to develop a precipitate in the bottom of the bottle.
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What does vanilla come from?

Vanilla is derived from orchids (making it the only fruit bearing member of the orchid family) of the genus Vanilla which was originally native to Mexico. Vanilla planifola, (MORE)
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What is vanilla caviar?

The seeds of the vanilla pod. You can buy it already scraped out, or you can buy the pods and scrape it out yourself.

What is vanilla?

Vanilla is an extract of the vanilla bean in alcohol. The vanilla plant is a relative of the orchid, and originally, all extract was made from beans grown in Madagascar, but i (MORE)

Does vanilla spoil?

  "Pure" vanilla extract should have an indefinite shelf life but you will have to look at your bottle for a list of ingredients. Modern commercial extracts (despite being (MORE)

What is the best vanilla?

In terms of flavor, some cooks and chefs swear by Tahitian vanilla, others Madagascar vanilla. Good brand names for both types of beans are widely available. My preference is (MORE)

Where is vanilla produced?

  Vanilla is grown in Mexico, The Caribbean, Madagascar, The Cormoro Islands, Indonesia and Tahiti along with smaller islands. (Like a belt near the Equator) They say Me (MORE)

How does vanilla grow?

Vanilla can be grown from seeds from the Vanilla Bean Orchid that  have matured for a nine month period. Since it is so difficult,  this is difficult to achieve for the aver (MORE)