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Is vanillin addictive?

Yes, vanillin can in fact be addictive. It is typically used a foodcoloring ingredient and it is found in foods like vanilla ice creamand vanilla flavored beverages.
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What is vanillin made from?

I think you are asking vanilla. This is made from a plant. The vanilla bean, which looks like a long slender brown bean.Use of the actual bean in cooking is becoming popular. ( Full Answer )
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What is the chemical formula for Vanillin?

Vanillin , methyl vanillin , or 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde , is an organic compound with the molecular formula C 8 H 8 O 3
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Is there alcohol in vanillin?

In answering this question there's a necessity to be precise with terminology, because otherwise "yes," "no," and "what the heck do you mean?" are all valid answers.\n. \nIn ( Full Answer )
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Is vanillin made from aspartame?

vanillan is an artificial form of vanilla it does contain aspartame to make it really sweet. Anything with aspartame is bad
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What is solubility of vanillin in hot water?

Vanillin is extremely soluble in hot water. The solubility woulddepend on the amount of vanillin. For example, 539 g would make itthe most soluble.
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Is vanillin an aldehyde or a ketone?

From its structure, we can see that vanillin does not have a ketone functional group, but it has an aldehyde. It also has a phenol and ether functional group. For that reason, ( Full Answer )
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Is vanillin positive in tollens test?

No. While vanillin is an aldehyde, which should react with Tollens' reagent to precipitate silver metal, vanillin does not "pass" Tollens' test. Tollens' reagent is very ( Full Answer )
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Is vanillin a compound or an element?

It's a compound- made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen I think. It is a compound for sure.
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What county does vanillin come from?

Natural vanillin is extracted from the vanilla plant which is native to Mexico but is now grown in many other tropical areas. Madagascar currently produces the most natural va ( Full Answer )