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What is a variation?

the tendency among similar organism to differ from each other to some degree..The official definition for the word variation is "a change ordifference in condition, amount, or (MORE)
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What are variations?

Variation in Biology refers to the difference between individualorganisms, cells or group of organisms of any species. Variationcan be seen in physical appearance, fertility, (MORE)
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How is variation causes?

There are several causes for variation that occur within apopulation. Some of these causes include neutral mutations, sexualreproduction, and diploidy.

What are the variations of a poodle?

There are two ways that poodles can vary: size and color. Size: Poodles come in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. Since these sizes are a result of selective br (MORE)
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What is continuous variate?

A variable defined on a continuous interval as opposed to one that can take only discrete values.

What are variation technique?

There are many ways composers use variations on a melody. A few of the most common ones are to change the accompanying chords, place the melody in a lower register with anothe (MORE)