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What are variations?

Variation in Biology refers to the difference between individual  organisms, cells or group of organisms of any species. Variation  can be seen in physical appearance, ferti (MORE)
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What is the meaning of a variation?

A variation means a change. For example, in jewelry making, there can be variation in the natural stones used to complete a piece. An entire necklace can be made of pearl bead (MORE)

What is germinal variation?

  Germinal variation is the type of variation that occurs only in germplasm of,only the variations from the germplasm and the gametes are passed on the offspr (MORE)
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What is a direct variation?

A direct variation is when the value of K in multiple proportions is all divisible by the same number for example: XY=(1)(10) K=10 XY=(2)(20) K=40 XY=(3)(30) K=90 XY=( (MORE)
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What are variations of the flute?

There are many variations of the flute...the most common and the ones that most relate the the common "C" flute are the piccolo, alto flute and bass flute. There are glass flu (MORE)

What is F variate?

The F-variate, named after the statistician Ronald Fisher, crops up in statistics in the analysis of variance (amongst other things). Suppose you have a bivariate normal di (MORE)