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What are the variations of plot?

  Although I am not particularly familiar with the term 'Variations of Plot', I do think that I can point out a thinking direction that might help you with your answer. Be (MORE)

What is a variation?

the tendency among similar organism to differ from each other to some degree..The official definition for the word variation is "a change ordifference in condition, amount, or (MORE)
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What are variations?

Variation in Biology refers to the difference between individual  organisms, cells or group of organisms of any species. Variation  can be seen in physical appearance, ferti (MORE)
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What is the variation of genes?

A variation of a gene is called and allele. Different alleles are caused by mutations.
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What is inverse variation?

Two variables, x and y are in inverse variation if x*y = c for some constant c. The equation can be written in the form y = c/x.
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What rhymes with variation?

aaron action airman akron Alan Allen almsman ammon apron arson ashen Ashton Asian aspen auction axman bacon bailsman balkan bandsman banyan bargain barman baron barren (MORE)
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What is a variational matrix?

It is a N by N matrix that relates the variation of each variable to the previous variations of itself and the other N-1 variables. For instance; in the 2by2 variational matri (MORE)