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Will voltage vary with frequency vary?

One factor to consider in the generation of power is that in a  generator there is an electromagnetic field moving past wires in  which a voltage is induced. If the speed is (MORE)
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What is vary?

To vary is to change or to be different. "We are going to vary our procedure for doing this." means we are going to change it. "The amount I get in tips varies from day to day (MORE)

How do you spell vary?

  VARY : to change in form, aspect, or degree (normally used to denote a forseeable range of a single changing attribute : size, length, temperature, etc.)   E.g. "We f (MORE)
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Why do microclimates vary?

microclimates vary because the seasons alter the humidity and temperature within the air and on the ground particularly those within vegetation ie forrests,orchards where ther (MORE)
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What is varied practice?

Varied practice uses a training timetable that includes frequent  changes of tasks. Some experts believe that it leads to better  retention compared to constant practice.

How do habitats vary?

habitats vary due to climate latitude and the ability for an animal to adopt to that environment
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Why do climates vary?

Climates vary because some countries are close to the poles (cold  climates) and some countries are close to the equator (warm  climates). Also the size of the country has a (MORE)

A persons diction can vary in terms of?

A person's diction can vary in terms of how the person was taught  to speak. If a person is around another person that is always  talking in broken sentences, that is how th (MORE)