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How does interfacial energy vary with coherence?

Think of a high angle grain boundary. The structure is very disordered there and bonds have been broken. Thus, the interface is unstable and high in energy. Thus, coherence le (MORE)
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Why does the speed of light vary?

The speed of light varies because the absolute speed of light "C" is measured in a vacuum. When light travels through air, it goes slightly slower. When light travels through (MORE)

How do you spell the plural of vary?

As "vary" is a verb, strictly speaking it does not have a plural. However, words formed from the base word "vary" and ending in 's' include: varies, various, varieties, variat (MORE)
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Why do microclimates vary?

microclimates vary because the seasons alter the humidity and temperature within the air and on the ground particularly those within vegetation ie forrests,orchards where ther (MORE)
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What is varied practice?

Varied practice uses a training timetable that includes frequent  changes of tasks. Some experts believe that it leads to better  retention compared to constant practice.
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What is the noun form of the verb to vary?

The noun forms of the verb to vary are variable, variation, and thegerund, varying. Examples: The variables make it hard to predict what will happen. The variations in the sp (MORE)

A persons diction can vary in terms of?

A person's diction can vary in terms of how the person was taught  to speak. If a person is around another person that is always  talking in broken sentences, that is how th (MORE)