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What is unity and variety?

Harmony . • Achieved when unity and variety are effectively . combined . o Unity . ô€‚ƒ All parts are related by one idea or theme . o Variety . ô€ (MORE)

What varieties of marijuana are there?

they are not usually called varieties but strains... there are probably thousands of different strains, maybe hundreds of thousands, popular one are : white widow, jack Herer, (MORE)
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Why do we have variety of soil?

Different angles of sunlight hit differing places on Earth, heating them. This causes evaporation or no condensation in the first place. With different amounts of moisture, th (MORE)
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What is a sentence for 'variety'?

My aunt wants a VARIETY of fish for her new pond. When i go to a ice cream store i want a VARIETY of flavors. I like a VARIETY of music but i can't choose my ultimate favorite (MORE)
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Is variety a verb?

No. Variety, meaning being diverse or having a number of things, is a noun. A verb would be "vary", as in "to vary". A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, (MORE)

Why is variety valuable?

variety is valuable because well if you for example had 1 pair of shoes and they got wet then you woulld be wishing you had a variety of them so you can have more and not take (MORE)

What is mean by variety?

phenotypic and genotypic variates in a population lead to the formation of varieties. Any variavility in the population results in the formation of a variety.