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How many varieties of apple are there?

7,500 worldwide, the United States grow about 2,500 types, but only 100 of these are grown commercially. Here are some well known apples around the world Red Delicious, Golden (MORE)
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How many varieties of apples in the world?

1032 Aceymac | Adams Pearmain | Adanac / Akane | Akero | Akifu Fuji / Albany Beauty | Alexander | Alfriston / Alkmene | Allington Pippin | Almata / Ambrosia, USPP #10,789 | A (MORE)
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What is a variety chain store?

Variety chain stores sell a wide range of goods. It is categorized under chain or multiple stores. Chain or multiple stores must have at least ten branches, and are owned by t (MORE)
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Why is variety essential in arts?

Variety is essential because, well, it keeps the art interesting. If you paint the same thing 10 times, it gets boring. if you pain 10 different things, people will keep looki (MORE)

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What is the variety of monkey and apes?

There are over 200 different species of primates. There are three categories, Prosimians, Apes and monkeys.   Prosimians are in the family Prosimii and live in Africa and A (MORE)

What is variety in art?

To use variety is to combine different elements (differences in shape, color, line, textuture...) into one composition, for example, a donut box contains a variety of colors. (MORE)

What are the variety of seeds?

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