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What are various applications of computers in various fields?

From a simple life that man used to have centuries ago, our lives have evolved so quickly, all because of a powerful machine…the computer. Everywhere you go, whatever we do, (MORE)

What are the various types of hazards?

Single hazards which consist of a pure element only, such as iron, copper, nitrogen etc. Compound hazards which consist of a combination of single hazards such as metal alloys (MORE)

What are the various sensory receptors of the eye?

There are to types of cells that act as photoreceptors in the eye. The Rod and Cones. Rods detect only the presence or absence of light withough distinguishing between colours (MORE)

What is a various?

  Various is a word that means to have a lot of different results, or meanings, or basically anything - it just basically means to have a lot of differences between a grou (MORE)

What are the various elephant species?

Familia: Elephantidae Genus: Loxodonta Species: †L. adaurora - L. africana - †L. angammensis - †L. atlantica - L. cyclotis - †L. exoptata Genus: Elephas Species: (MORE)

What are the various reagents?

  The Sandmeyer reaction is a chemical reaction used to synthesize aryl halides from aryl diazonium salts. It is named after the Swiss chemist Traugott Sandmeyer.   An (MORE)

What are various relationships?

Man has always speculated about an entity greater then himself to explain his own existence and in someway to form a relationship with this entity to gain a better understandi (MORE)