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Who is raghunath varma?

Son of S.Dhanamjaya Raju, born in Kshatriya Kulam, September 1979 at nearby Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu. Working as Digital Colorist in Chennai.

Do Varmas follow a vegetarian diet?

not necessariliy. but according to their sect, they are supposed to do 'sangam' or penance for 24 hrs every week which includes vegetarian diet and giving alms
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Is it varma Muslim name?

Its not a Muslim name, it originated from India and is predominantly a Hindu name. However, my surname is Varma and I am a Muslim. Family surnames should not be changed accor (MORE)
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Who is Amit Varma?

Amit Varma is one among the several poker players who holds an impressive profile. He is not only an avid poker player but also a novelist, blogger who has won admiration for (MORE)