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What is vary?

To vary is to change or to be different. "We are going to vary our procedure for doing this." means we are going to change it. "The amount I get in tips varies from day to day ( Full Answer )
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Will voltage vary with frequency vary?

One factor to consider in the generation of power is that in agenerator there is an electromagnetic field moving past wires inwhich a voltage is induced. If the speed is reduc ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell vary?

VARY : to change in form, aspect, or degree (normally used to denote a forseeable range of a single changing attribute : size, length, temperature, etc.). E.g. "We found that ( Full Answer )
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How do parasites vary?

Parasites are of different types and range in size from tiny, single-celled, microscopic organisms (protozoa) to larger, multi-cellular worms (helminths) that may be seen with ( Full Answer )
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Why do soil vary?

There are various types of soil and each carries with itself different nutrients, which assists in the growth of various plants and crops.
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Why do you have varied hobbies?

Everybody has varied hobbies because everyone is different and has different oppurtinity to do things.
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How does gravity vary and why?

Gravity usually varies depending on the size and density of a very large planet, moon or star. The Earth has more gravity than the Moon. Jupiter has a lot more gravity than Ea ( Full Answer )
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What are the tenses of vary?

Past tense - varied. Future tense - will vary. Present tense - I/you/we/they vary. He/she/it varies.
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How do habitats vary?

habitats vary due to climate latitude and the ability for an animal to adopt to that environment
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What is an expense that varies?

An expense that varies is one which may be different each time you pay it. The expense is usually based on how many units you buy. For example, the electric bill for an apartm ( Full Answer )