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How do you get in folk?

if its abt the gang you get in by getting jumped by 4-6 ppl for 60 seconds
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What does Paul Bunyan eat?

Flapjacks! -In fact(!) it is told that he needed to have people strap an entire side of bacon to their feet (like ice skates) just to keep his griddle greased!
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Who was John Bunyan?

  John Bunyan (November 30, 1628 - August 31, 1688) John Bunyan had very little schooling. He followed his father in the tinker's trade, and he served in the parliamentary (MORE)

Was Paul bunyan a real person?

No. Paul Bunyan was not a real person. Whether Paul was fictitious remains a mystery.  There is no actual evidence whether Paul was really a lumberjack for a U.S.A. timber (MORE)
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What happen to Queen Vashti?

She was ordered to appear naked at the Kings banquet, when she refused she was banished from the k ingdom, some say beheaded.
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Why did not queen vashti appear at the kings banquet?

There have been many explanations as to why Queen Vashti did not appear at the banquet. It was customary for the women to have separate functions while the men had theirs. She (MORE)