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Who invented VAT?

vat wasn't created by anyone paticular is was created by the government because it stopped people smuggling ------------------- VAT was first devised by a German economist (MORE)

What does VAT mean?

VAT means Value Added Tax and is a sales tax charged in the EU and is normally included in the end-consumer retail price. Companies registered for VAT don't pay it on items an (MORE)

Is vat necessary?

Absolutely not. It doesn't discourage the use of cars, etc. because they are such an integral part of our lives.

What is output vat?

This is the value added tax on outputs. Any service or sale that the entity provides is considered an output. This is contrasted with Input Vat which is the tax on any inputs (MORE)

What is a key vat?

A VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) key has a resistance chip on the key which is read through the ignition. If the resistance matches the computer then the vehicle will be all (MORE)

What is a vat?

A vat is a large tank or receptacle that is used in various  industries. A vat can be as big as a house or as small as a kitchen  sink. A vat is used to mix ingredients of m (MORE)

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What is vat 2 types of vat?

VAT tax is placed on the consumption of any product paid by the  consumer which is the cost of the product lesser than any of the  costs of the material that has been used i (MORE)