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What is the Vatican?

The Vatican (Vatican City) is a separate state located within the city of Rome, Italy, that serves as the religious and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church. It (MORE)

Where is the Vatican?

The Vatican is located in Vatican City. Vatican City is a sovereign city state located internally within the city of Rome, Italy. in Central Italy

What is the Vatican for?

The Vatican is the world headquarters for the Roman CatholicChurch. It is housed inside the tiny nation of Vatican City. About800 people live there permanently.

What does the Vatican do?

The Vatican is the headquarters for managing and directing the various activities of the Catholic Church. . Catholic Answer The Vatican doesn't DO anything, it is the nam (MORE)

Where and what is the Vatican?

The Vatican is an independent city/state where the headquarters ofthe Catholic Church is located. It is surrounded completly by thecity of Rome, Italy.

When was the Vatican first named the Vatican?

The territory of Vatican City is part of the MonsVaticanus , and of the adjacent former Vatican Fields.This dates back to the early days of Rome, before Christianityexisted (MORE)

What was on the site of the Vatican before the Vatican?

Since the foundation of Rome, the neighborhood of the Vatican hasalways been the Vatican. It gets its name from the hill upon whichit is built - the Mons Vaticanus. Later in (MORE)

What is Vatican famous for?

The Vatican is located in Rome, Italy and is the smallest city state in world. It is the home of the Pope and the Catholic Church. Located in the Vatican is St. Peter's that w (MORE)

What is a Vatican and when was the first Vatican Council?

The Vatican is a hill in Rome on which a group of buildings werebuilt around the palace of the Pope. The first to build a residencenear the ancient Basilica of St. Peter was P (MORE)