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Where is the Vatican?

The Vatican is located in Vatican City. Vatican City is a sovereign city state located internally within the city of Rome, Italy. in Central Italy
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What is the Vatican?

The Vatican (Vatican City) is a separate state located within the city of Rome, Italy, that serves as the religious and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church. It (MORE)

What is the Vatican City?

Vatican City is a country within Rome which is the capital of Italy. It has no cities, towns or capitals. The Sistine Chapel is located there, as well as St. Peter's Basilica. (MORE)

What country is Vatican in?

Vatican City is an independent country, there are around 800 people  living there and the country itself is around a mile, it is  completely surrounded by Rome, Italy.
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What was Vatican II?

Vatican II - the Second Vatican Council - was a General Council of  the Catholic Church. All Catholic bishops, plus observers from  Orthodox and Protestant Churches, theolog (MORE)

What does the Vatican do?

The Vatican is the headquarters for managing and directing the various activities of the Catholic Church. .    Catholic AnswerThe Vatican doesn't DO anything, it is the na (MORE)

Is the Vatican Library the oldest library in the world?

The Vatican is not the oldest Library in the world. There were many before then. Libraries have dated back to Ancient Times, Such as the times of the Ancient Greeks and The An (MORE)

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What is a Vatican and when was the first Vatican Council?

The Vatican is a hill in Rome on which a group of buildings were  built around the palace of the Pope. The first to build a residence  near the ancient Basilica of St. Peter (MORE)