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What is vault 49?

vault49 is a boutique design, illustration and photography studio hailing from London and now based out of New York. Founded in 2002 by Jonathan Kenyon and John Glasgow, the V (MORE)

How do you do a pole vault?

The amount of information needed to safely pole vault is truly staggering. Remember to start off very small! Personally, i did drills with a PVC pipe for three weeks before i (MORE)

What is an architectural drawing?

A technical drawing of a structure or building that is drawn in a size/scale that is proportionate to its real-world dimensions. Architectural drawings usually consist of plan (MORE)

What is a vault in ancient roman architecture?

The vault, or vaulted arch is a structure made up of two or four intersecting arches. There Romans had two types: the groin arch, which is formed by two to four intersecting b (MORE)

What is architecture?

Architecture is constructing a building or designing something either by a computer or person. Architecture is also for creating a system.   1. The science or profession o (MORE)

What is vaulting ambition?

Macbeth uses the phrase "vaulting ambition" in the play Macbeth,  Act 1 Scene 7. It is a metaphor. The meaning of "vaulting" is like  a vaulting horse, an obstacle you jump (MORE)

How do you get into architecture?

You could either study it, or have it in you! Many people who study architecture have their own ideas how buildings should look like! You could start by joining forum conversa (MORE)

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