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How is a vector represented?

A vector is represented by a straight line of specific length having an arrow head which shows its direction. This straight line is called the representative line of that vect (MORE)

What are vector graphics?

  Vector means that the images are created from algorithms (math) by the software you are using to create them. It's the complete opposite of raster in which the images ar (MORE)
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What is the vectors?

A vector is anything that carries a disease. It can be biological, as in the vector (ie: fly, mosquito, etc) creates it naturally or it can be mechanical as in the vector pick (MORE)

What is a vector in Java?

Vector is a type of collection object that Java has. Vector is a class that implements the AbstractList class and is often used as an alternative to arrays since it automatica (MORE)
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What is the vector of cholera?

The vector is how the illness is spread. In cholera's case, the vector is contaminated water. That is how cholera is spread.
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What is augmented vector?

An augmented vector is a vector that is augmented with an extra dimension. This new dimension always takes on the value of 1. e.g. X = (5, 2) X' = (5, 2, 1) where X' is the au (MORE)
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What is sliding vector?

A vector whose direction (angles) and line of application are fixed, but whose point of application is not fixed.

What has vector?

Force, velocity, acceleration, and displacement are vectors.    Mass, temperature, time, cost, and speed are scalars (not vectors).
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What is the components of a vector?

Traditionally a vector has two components: A directionA magnitude In addition, one might accept that a vector also contains a starting point, although this is technically not (MORE)
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What are vectors?

A vector is something which has both magnitude and direction.    Examples include velocity which is speed (magnitude) in a given  direction.    When written usi (MORE)