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What are vectors?

A vector is something which has both magnitude and direction.    Examples include velocity which is speed (magnitude) in a given  direction.    When written usi (MORE)

What is vectors?

A vector is a quantity with both a magnitude and a direction, whereas a scalar has only a direction. for a more detailed explanation follow the related link.
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What is a vector?

Any element of a vector space . Euclidean vector, a geometric entity endowed with both lengthand direction, an element of a Euclidean vector space . Coordinate vector, in li (MORE)
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What is the vectors?

A vector is anything that carries a disease. It can be biological, as in the vector (ie: fly, mosquito, etc) creates it naturally or it can be mechanical as in the vector pick (MORE)
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What are not vectors?

Any value without a direction. Speed, distance and energy (as opposed to velocity, displacement and force) are good examples.
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What has vector?

Force, velocity, acceleration, and displacement are vectors.    Mass, temperature, time, cost, and speed are scalars (not vectors).
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Why null vector is called vector?

The same sort of reasoning that zero is a number. It ensures that the set of all vectors is closed under addition and that, in turn, allows the generalization of many operatio (MORE)
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What you vector?

You might define vector by stating that a vector is a quantity with a direction and a magnitute. The vector helps to determine a position in space and is used in mathematics.
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