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What is the vega of an option?

Answer . Option Vega is the change in the value of an option for a 1-percentage point increase in implied volatility, i.e. the first derivative of the option price with ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Vegas?

You can visit many of the casinos Hotels go to the hard rock cafe, mgm grand, luxor ride the rollercoaster
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Who owns what in Vegas?

Steve Wynn of course owns the Wynn hotel. Sheldon Anderson owns Las Vegas Sands Corp. which owns the Venetian and the Palazzo. MGM owns the belligo and the MGM and the Mirage. ( Full Answer )
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Who was Bernardo Vega?

he was a cigar maker and a author he was born on September 7 1954 and died on February 14 1977
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What is the brightness of Vega?

Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. It has an apparent magnitude of 0.03 and an absolute magnitude of 0.58 See related link for more information.
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Who is Juan vega?

He is some dude i met in 8th grade and he loves men. another thing about him is that he has had the same hair style since like 4ever. you will always find him with 2 other Mex ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to new Vegas in new Vegas?

Pretty simple. head to the East side of the map, where it's easier to survive. Once you're on the east side, go north until you can get to Freeside, then further into New Vega ( Full Answer )
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What does the Vegas stand for in Las Vegas?

As with translations there is normally more than one possibility. The more common ones are the fertile (plains), the meadows, or the fields.
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What is vega temperature?

Depends, if you're talking about the Summer or Winter. Over the Summer it gets very hot. It gets above 110. In the winter its below the 80s or 70s during the day. And at night ( Full Answer )