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What does it mean to be a vegetable?

It can mean any one of several things. First, it could be a derogatory reference to a paraplegic, quadriplegic, a comatose person, or someone suffering from another debilitati (MORE)

Are soybeans a vegetable?

Yes, all beans are considered to be vegetables. Soybean is unique among pulses as it is also an oilseed, containing about 20% of oil. Only the edamame (young green soybean (MORE)
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Is Maggi vegetable or non vegetable?

not..  .  Maggi contains MSG (Monosodium glutamate) used as a flavor  enhancer, which is made? using Bactosoytone, itself made from soy  protein using a catalyst enzyme po (MORE)

What is a vegetable?

A vegetable is a plant or part of a plant used as food, typically as accompaniment to meat or fish, such as a cabbage, potato, carrot, or bean. Vegetables are found with their (MORE)

What is a vegetable samosa?

A samosa is a stuffed pastry and a popular snack in South Asia. Most of the times its filled with vegetables and spices but sometimes ground meat too. Tastes delicious. Hope (MORE)

Is it many vegetables or much vegetables?

"Many" and "much" both refer to quantities. In general, use the word "much" for something that you are able to measure such as liquids or substances that don't lend themselve (MORE)

Why is a vegetable a vegetable and a fruit a fruit?

A vegetable is any edible part of a plant, and can include roots, tubers, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. A fruit is the part of a seed-bearing plant that contains the s (MORE)

Why do vegetables not produce vegetables?

? ? ? Vegetables DO produce vegetables. IF you are using seed that is old ( from last year or older ) chances are the seed is dead. Time to buy new seed. If you planted an (MORE)

Why are vegetables called 'vegetables'?

The word derives from the Latin 'vegetablis' meaning growing or flourishing. This word passed into Old French as 'vegetable' meaning living or fit to live. The French word was (MORE)