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What is veggie power?

The official name for it is Biomass, which means using plant material as a fuel for some sort of power plant
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Is plankton a veggie?

No, plankton tend to be unicellular organisms. Vegetables are edible parts of plants and are always multicellular.
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Why are veggies gross?

Vegetable's are not gross you just may not like the way they taste. Vegetable's are very good for you though, they contain all the necessary vitamins that we need to stay heal (MORE)

What veggies are carbs?

There is carbohydrate in all vegetables and fruits. Some contain far more carbohydrate than others do. For the carb counts of individual fruits and vegetables, see the page li (MORE)
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Are apples veggies?

Fruits technically has seeds, as the fruit part is what attracts an animal to eat, and transport the seed to a new location. Veggies are typically the other parts of the plant (MORE)

What are common veggies?

The common vegetables in my area may be totally different from yours based on culture and growing zone, but here are some veggies you'll find in about any farmers' market:. g (MORE)

How do veggies die?

They are murdered when humans and animals eat them, blood goeseverywhere, Vegans are MURDERERS!! Beware of them and always try toeat meat