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Which vehicles are energy saving vehicles and why?

There are several different vehicles that are better than theaverage, but the ones that are best energy saving are the ToyotaPrius and Honda Insight. Any car that is a hybrid ( Full Answer )
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If you purchase a new vehicle and the vehicle has defects can you return the vehicle?

Not really. In almost all situations you do not have an automatic right to return a vehicle. You must first give the manufacturer the opportunity to repair the defect. Lemo ( Full Answer )
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What is a vehicle?

A vehicle is an independent conveyance for moving people or materials from one place to another. (The term does not apply to devices which themselves remain in one place : ski ( Full Answer )
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What is vehicles online?

a site where you can browse different kind of cars and the purchase them online with a credit car
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Which vehicle go faster big vehicle or small vehicle?

Well, I think that no vehicle alone goes faster than any other vehicle. I think it's all on which type of engine you have. But engines are expensive and I recommend unless you ( Full Answer )
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What is the 'Quanto' vehicle?

Quanto is a compact SUV from Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), which was introduced on September 20, 2012 in the Indian auto industry. Quanto happens to be the first compact vehic ( Full Answer )
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What is vehicle in pharmacy?

The vehicle in pharmacy is the ingredient of the medication in which all other ingredients (including the drug) are incorporated into. For example, in a solution, water could ( Full Answer )
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What is a LTA Vehicle?

LTA vehicles are a new concept design of vehicles that are "lighter than air." LTA projects are often seen in schools to test students ability to design. LTA vehicles may be c ( Full Answer )
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Why does a vehicle stall?

vehicle stalls - what causes this problem many probs can cause stall a bit more info does it stall a stop signs does it run fine un til you stop and take foot off gas does it ( Full Answer )