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If your vehicle hydroplanes what do you do?

Remove pressure from the accelerator pedal but not so much as to cause engine breaking. If sliding occurs, turn in the direction of desired travel. Decrease speed until hydrop (MORE)

What is a cultural vehicle?

A cultural vehicle is a piece of art, music, architecture, or  language that allows for the transmission of unique, local  identifying features and methods of expression. Mo (MORE)

What is vehicle aggregates?

Vehicle aggregates ( frame, fuel system suspension, axle, wheel, engine, cooling sys, engine mounting, and fifth wheel coupling, cab, and steering system)
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What are SUV vehicles?

The acronym means Sport/Utility , and refers to Jeep like vehicles that are neither cars or vans, but various kinds of crossover in between.
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What is a vehicle?

A vehicle is an independent conveyance for moving people or materials from one place to another. (The term does not apply to devices which themselves remain in one place : ski (MORE)

If you purchase a new vehicle and the vehicle has defects can you return the vehicle?

Not really.    In almost all situations you do not have an automatic right to return a vehicle. You must first give the manufacturer the opportunity to repair the defe (MORE)

What if there is no title to a vehicle?

Then you must have it inspected by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and let them give you a title. IF the car is stolen then you are going to be in a lot of trouble.
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Which vehicles are energy saving vehicles and why?

There are several different vehicles that are better than the  average, but the ones that are best energy saving are the Toyota  Prius and Honda Insight. Any car that is a h (MORE)

What is unmotorised vehicles?

  An unmotorized vehicle is one without some form of engine with which to propel it, for instance a bicycle, a horse and cart, a sand sailer or a rickshaw would be unmotor (MORE)