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What religions use Vendas?

No religion uses "Vendas". If you meant to write "Vedas", those are the holy books ofHinduism.
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Capital of venda in NE South Africa?

The Apartheid government created homelands - for the non-white residence to live in. These homelands was not a recognized independent state but had a couple of similarities of ( Full Answer )
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What do venda people eat?

The Venda do not eat pork or crocodiles. They believe the brain of the crocodile is poisonous and so don't hunt them for food. However they do include Mopane worms in their ( Full Answer )
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What is hello in venda?

"bya" or "I nhlikanhi" Answer: that depends whether you're addressing a man or a woman for a woman it's Aa and for a man Ndaa
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What happens during a Venda wedding ceremony?

During a Venda wedding ceremony those in the wedding weartraditional Venda clothing. Venda dances are also performed duringthe ceremony.
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How do Venda peoples dance?

There are different types of dance for different people. Most arenot known, but here is a sampling: Girls and boys dance fluidly, like a snake, to the beat of a drum,while fo ( Full Answer )
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What is Love You in Venda?

Ndi a mu funa (that is when u talking 2 a young person or any1 of ur age, lyk a frnd, bf/gf, etc) and Ndi a vha funa (wen showin respect 2 n adult lyk parent, etc)
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What is a Venda card?

A plastic credit-card sized card that is preloaded with value and sold to customers who want to make multiple photocopies (or other uses) rather than feeding coins into a mach ( Full Answer )
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How do you count to ten in venda?

thihi (1) Mbili (2) Raru (3) Ina (4) thanu (5) Rathi (6) Sumbe (7) Malo (8) thahe (9) Fumi (10)