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What is venereal disease?

A venereal disease is an infectious disease associated with unprotected sex.. The list includes gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamidia. All these are bacterial and can be treated (MORE)

What is veneration?

Veneration . It has the meaning of worshiping, revering, idolizing or deep respect. In relation to Catholicism, it refers to the veneration of saints. See the Related Link (MORE)

What does venerate mean?

to regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference to honor (as an icon or a relic) with a ritual act of devotion

What does venerates mean?

to regard with deep respect . to revere on account of sanctity or holiness . From Latin veneratus 'adored, revered', from verb veneror to honor, to worship. Example o (MORE)

Why do you venerate the cross?

Roman Catholic Answer To venerate is to show respect for, admiration, awe, etc. It is NOT worship. One venerates the Cross as the way that God chose to accomplish our salvati (MORE)

How do you venerate the cross?

There are several ways: 1. Genuflect (kneel on right knee) and kiss cross, or 2. Genuflect (kneel on right knee) and touch cross, or 3. Bow before cross is unable to ge (MORE)