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What is venice?

Venice is a truly magical city in the northeast part of Italy. Itis a city of stone built on the water.
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What can you do in Venice?

I don't really know... but a from a bit of research a few years ago I know that you can do gondola rides, walking tours, wine tasting, take part in or watch festivals and play (MORE)

Does Venice have platypuses?

No. Venice does not have platypuses. Platypuses are native toeastern Australia, and are not found in the wild anywhere else inthe world.
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How is Venice floating?

I take it you mean Venice, Italy and no it isn't floating. Wooded piles were driven into the sand and mud years ago when buildings were first built. National Geographic had a (MORE)

How do you get from Venice to nice?

The best option is to fly. Babbo Airlines and Darwin Airlines both fly directly from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Nice Airport. By train may be cheaper but takes much longer. (MORE)

Who is ate Venice?

cia ang pinaka panget na ate sa buong mundo! kasing panget niya ang ugali niya! promise ..
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How can you get to Venice?

All the usual methods of transport, train, car, by air. Once you get to Venice, the only way to get around the city is on foot, or by water (water bus).
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