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'Summertime In Venice?

There is an album called "Two In A Gondola" Cira Late 1950's. Dino Olivieri was the conductor for the sound track title "Summertime in Venice" Album is out of print and no ( Full Answer )
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Florence to venice?

The driving distance from Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy is 161 miles / 259 km
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What is venice?

Venice is a truly magical city in the northeast part of Italy. Itis a city of stone built on the water.
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What can you do in Venice?

I don't really know... but a from a bit of research a few years ago I know that you can do gondola rides, walking tours, wine tasting, take part in or watch festivals and play ( Full Answer )
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What is Venice famous for?

its built on water :) Venice is famous for many things but I think the main thing is that the city is built over water. There are no streets. Only canals. No cars only boats. ( Full Answer )
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What is Specail about Venice?

It is an old city that was a center of power and trade and thus has some wonderful architecture and art. Also is is built out of the water in a lagoon and therefore many of it ( Full Answer )
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What is Venice jerky?

Two words. Deer Jerky :3 and its the best thing ever if cooked correctly next to gator jerky!
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What is the dodge of Venice?

It's a *Doge, not a dodge. A Doge was the leader of the Republic of Venice, which no longer exists. Once a Doge was elected, their term lasted for the remainder of their life. ( Full Answer )
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How can you get to Venice?

All the usual methods of transport, train, car, by air. Once you get to Venice, the only way to get around the city is on foot, or by water (water bus).