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How to get from Venice to Slovenia?

Take a train from Venice Santa Lucia to Ljubljana. There are 2 a day and the journey is usually 4 hours. Alternatively take the train to Trieste in Italy and get the bus from (MORE)

What is venice?

Venice is a truly magical city in the northeast part of Italy. It  is a city of stone built on the water.
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Is Venice sinking?

Yes Venice is sinking. Over the past thousand years Venice has sunk by about 7 cm per century. But new data shows that in the last century alone Venice has sunk 24 cm, and is (MORE)

Who is the merchant of Venice?

Although Shylock is the best-known character from the play, Shylock is not a merchant. He is a usurer-which is the only job Jews were allowed to have in Venice back then. A us (MORE)

How do you get from Rimini to Venice?

  There are plenty of trains daily that go from Rimini to Venice. Things to watch out for:   * A lot of the trains will require a change at Bologna, one of the main tra (MORE)

Who was Portia's maid in The Merchant of Venice?

Portia's lady-in-waiting or maid is Nerissa. Portia doesn't see Nerissa as her maid as they are good friends and have been for many years.
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How far from Venice to Verona?

  If you mean by car, it takes about one hour (A1 motorway). By train, you have a few option, from the faster Eurostar train (about 75 minutes) to the slower Regionale (2 (MORE)
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Why is Venice called the City of Love?

Because it is such a romantic city with beautiful architecture and art, built as it is on the water. The opportunity to glide the canals in a covered Gondola, serenaded perhap (MORE)