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How do rattlesnakes get venom?

They make it - inside their bodies. Snake venom is modified saliva - and is manufactured in two small venom 'sacs' - on either side of the snake's head. Each sac has a tube wh (MORE)
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Are python venomous?

No they are not ..... But there bittings can cause swellings ... phython's dont have venom ....

Do Pythons have venom?

No they do not, the python ambushes it's prey and suffocates the victim rather then crushing it, after swallowing the prey whole digestion takes many days to several weeks dep (MORE)
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Is python venomous?

No ball pythons are not I have one and if they bite all you do is clean with proxicde and there you go   A: The python ambushes it's prey, holds it with it's teeth and su (MORE)

Are tarantulas venomous?

ALL spiders are venomous ! However - most spider venom is not powerful enough to cause harm to humans. Remember - the venom usually only needs to be strong enough to immobilis (MORE)

How do Venom Snakes spit out venom?

The Spitting Cobra uses muscle contractions to re-direct the venom out of tiny holes at the base of the fangs. This propels a stream of venom forwards - and is usually directe (MORE)
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What is venom?

What isvenom. Venom attacks the nerves and can cause paralyses. Once injected the venom flows through the blood stream and hits nerves. Once the venom is injected a short time (MORE)
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What are venomous mammals?

A few mammals possess venom. Shrews have a toxic saliva. Some monkeys secrete a poison from their "armpit" and lick it to give them a venomous bite. The male Platypus has spur (MORE)
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What is the purpose of venom in a venomous animal?

  The purpose of venom in a venomous animal is so that it can defend itself from predators. Ex- The snake against a mongoose. It bites and poisons the predator to warn/ ha (MORE)
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How do snakes get their venom?

i'd say the easiest way to put it would be to say they produce venom like we do saliva... they have glands either side of the head that constantly produces venom, not all snak (MORE)