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What is venom?

What is venom. Venom attacks the nerves and can cause paralyses. Once injected the venom flows through the blood stream and hits nerves. Once the venom is injected a shor (MORE)

Does lip venom have snake venom in it?

No, it contains irritant ingredients (like cinnamon, wintergreen, clove, etc.) to make blood rush to the lips, therefore making them look fuller. The 'Venom' part of the name (MORE)
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Who is venom?

Venom is Spiderman's enemy. For information about Spiderman and his allies and enemies, just ask me a question on my message board. ~iMusi

Who is stronger anti venom or venom?

venom and anti venom could posibly be the same strength if thay wher the same age but scence anti venom is the oldest then for my opinion i think that venom is the stronger th (MORE)
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Is python venomous?

No ball pythons are not I have one and if they bite all you do is clean with proxicde and there you go A: The python ambushes it's prey, holds it with it's teeth and su (MORE)
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Are dragons venomous?

Though some people say they are, dragons are not venomous, though they can concoct extreme dangerous brews close to what we consider potions. They try to avoid violence, but i (MORE)
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How do Venom Snakes spit out venom?

The Spitting Cobra uses muscle contractions to re-direct the venom out of tiny holes at the base of the fangs. This propels a stream of venom forwards - and is usually directe (MORE)
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What does venom do to you?

Venom is the general term given to toxins that are injected into a victim by the means of bites, stings, scratches etc. normally straight into the lymphatic system where it ac (MORE)