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Does Venus have clouds?

Yes, Venus has very thick clouds, so thick that scientists must use  radar to see through them. They are not water clouds like Earth.

When did pioneer venus land on Venus?

Pioneer Venus was actually a pair of probes. Pioneer Venus 1 was an orbiter, while Pioneer Venus 2 contained a large surface probe and three smaller probes. The orbiter arrive (MORE)

Why is Venus named Venus?

after the roman goddess of love,beauty and fertility     All of the planets before neptune were named after Greek and Roman  gods. Because of that Venus probably go (MORE)

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What is the diameter of Venus?

The diameter of Venus is about 12103.6 kilometers or 7520.8 miles. The very slow (clockwise) spin of the planet means that there is no appreciable equatorial "bulge" as is c (MORE)

Venus who was he?

  He was a SHE: the Roman goddess of love. The Greek counterpart was Aphrodite.
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What shape is Venus?

Its near enough to a sphere, but to be more accurate it is a squashed sphere, or a spheroid (an oblate spheroid).
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What does Venus have on it?

Venus is volcanic, although it seems that the activity greatly subsided several hundred million years ago. There are several "continents" arising from the smooth volcanic plai (MORE)

Why is Venus named after the god Venus?

Actually, it's named after a goddess, not a god. It's the only planet named after a goddess. Thousands of years ago the Romans looked to the sky and saw Venus. They thought it (MORE)

Do Venus Flytraps live on Venus?

The   Venus flytrap is found natively only in North and South   Carolina in the United States. The carnivorous adaptations of the   Venus flytrap allow it to thriv (MORE)

What landforms does Venus have?

The planet Venus has no liquid water, so the surface is hot, dry, and rocky, marked by lava flows and some volcanoes, and relatively few impact craters. Many of what appear to (MORE)