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What is Venus?

Venus is a planet, the second planet from the Sun, and is named after Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. The planet has clouds made up of sulfuric acid that hide th (MORE)

What is there about Venus?

it takes 224.8 days for venus to orbit the sun venus is the closest planet to the earth and is 55 milion miles away from the sun it is the hottest planet in the solar system w (MORE)

What is a Venus?

Venus is a planet in our solar system that is the second planet from the sun.There has been sayings that venus is even hotter then mercury, and mercury is the first planet fro (MORE)

What does Venus have on it?

Venus is volcanic, although it seems that the activity greatly subsided several hundred million years ago. There are several "continents" arising from the smooth volcanic plai (MORE)

How did Venus get where it is?

You mean why is Venus in existence? or rather why is it so hot. Venus has many volcano's which result in its mega greenhouse effect that's why its so hot. venus is here in our (MORE)