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What is a verification code?

For example, you are developing Contact Us page.If you use a normal contact form then spammers will fond a way to automatically send junk messages through that form, so you ne ( Full Answer )
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What is standard verification?

Standard verification refers to an ordinary process forverification. The items verified will depend on the type ofverification that is being conducted.
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What is verification code?

In web programming, a verification code is used to validate that asystem complies with the requirements. It serves as verificationthat the program conforms to an accepted stan ( Full Answer )
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What is a stock verification?

Stock verification is a process of physically counting and checking inventory in the unit , against its book balance at least once ina year.
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What is verification in excel?

Data Validation can be used to give warnings or errors when a user inputs an incorrect value into a cell. You can define which cells accept what kind of values and if you only ( Full Answer )
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What is System Verification?

In mission critical systems, especially when software is involved, system-level testing is required to be sure the system/software operates correctly. This is often called Ver ( Full Answer )
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How do you i get a verification code?

i will get my answer from the mobile of which you have given mobile number to verify your account.
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What is eligibility verification?

Eligibility verification is checking that the patient's insurance is current and that they're covered for the proposed service.
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How can you get verifed on Twitter?

This feature is only for celebrities,if you are,you can do this by linking your twitter account to an official website.
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What rhymes with verification?

Mastication, masturbation, Arab nation, salutation, sensation, taxation, plantation, basically anything that ends in an, "ation".