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What is vernacular architecture?

Of an artistic form or feature: native or peculiar to a particular country or locality; esp (of architecture) consisting of or concerned with domestic and functional rather th (MORE)

What is vernacular?

If someone says "he said this, of course, in the vernacular of the time" what is meant is that the person used the common speech of that time period. It can also mean regional (MORE)

What is Vernacular Literature?

The vernacular language is the language of the country, the language spoken by 'ordinary people' (and acquired as their mother tongue). In much of Europe it also meant 'as (MORE)

What are vernacular regions?

vernacular regions, or perceptual regions are determined by people's mental images, or perceptions, of places. Although people agree about the general location of a perceptual (MORE)

What is an example of vernacular?

A vernacular is the native language of a population, defined either by location or social grouping. For instance the 'skater' community may greet each other using words not (MORE)

What is vernacular expression?

The vernacular is the language people actually speak as opposed to the book-language. This can happen when a language evolves naturally when its originator is used for literar (MORE)
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What is vernacular diction?

The vernacular (diction) is the dialect spoken by natives of acertain area. It doesn't usually use proper gramatical conventions.For example: how 'valley girls' use the word " (MORE)