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What is vernier constant?

The difference between one main scale division and one vernier division is called vernier constant. this is the minimum length which can be measured accurately with the help o (MORE)
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What is vernier caliper least count?

    For calipers calibrated in inches it's 0.001" (a "thou").   Not sure about metric verniers - I think it's typically 0.05mm.       Note (as it often catch (MORE)
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How do you read vernier calipers?

We need two readings. One is Main scale reading and the other is vernier scale reading. Main scale reading will be read on the main scale. We need an indicator to read it. Rig (MORE)

What is a vernier caliper?

A vernier caliper is a measuring tool used in science for making extremely precise measurements. There is a pair of "jaws" that collapse around an object to be measured. The b (MORE)

What is vernier calipers?

Calipers are a measuring device to measure length accurately. It is basically a ruler where you can put the thing you are measuring on the ruler and slide a contact to touch t (MORE)
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What is vernier theodolite?

In Vernier Theodolites, vernier are used for taking the readings. These theodolites are most commonly used in the general works. Most of the general Theodolites can read upto (MORE)
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