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How can you Castle?

In chess, 'castling' is a move involving the rook and king, in a semi-switching motion. You can castle if there are no pieces in between the rook and the king, and if neither (MORE)

Who was Irene Adler?

  Irene Adler, 'The Woman,' was a character in 'A Scandal in Bohemia,' the only woman to ever outsmart the great detective. She was very beautiful singer, who had once b (MORE)

Who is Irene Fonseca?

  Irene Fonseca was born in Lisbon, July 10, 1956. Her research interests lie in the areas of continuum mechanics, calculus of variations, geometric measure theory and p (MORE)

How many bathrooms were in Mount Vernon?

Mount Vernon has 16 restrooms in it all together, but when George Washington lived there there was no such ting as indoor plumbing. Everyone used an outhouse or a bed pan.
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What is Allport- Vernon classification of values?

  The Allport-Vernon Study of Values (1931) categorizes values into six major types as follows:   # Theoretical: Interest in the discovery of truth through reasoning a (MORE)

What are opinions on Vernon Street Capital?

Vernon Street Capital is a company that provides individuals the ability to get into the lending industry. They provide a complete training program in addition to a lending pl (MORE)

Where did hurricane Irene from?

Irene was a storm that came from the coast of Africa and slowly  formed in the Tropical Atlantic as it moved west with the Trade  Winds. It slowly got organized over the Win (MORE)