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How old do you have to be to drive in British Columbia?

You have to be at least 16 to get a learner's licence. After at least 360 days, you can take a roadtest to get a novice licence. Two years after that, you can take another roa (MORE)

How did British Columbia get its name?

Queen Victoria named the province British Columbia. Prior to confederation, the province was divided into three districts: the Columbia district, the New Caledonia district an (MORE)
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Why was British Columbia named British Columbia?

British Columbia was the name given to the mainland colony, which existed separately from the colony of Vancouver Island. It had previously been known as Caledonia and had bee (MORE)
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What is British Columbia?

British Columbia is a province in western Canada, the westernmost  of the provinces that border the US to the south. Only the Yukon  Territory (to its north) extends farther (MORE)

Is surrey British Columbia a ghetto?

No, that would not be accurate, given that the word "ghetto" often  means a "slum." That does not really describe Surrey. What does  describe it, however, is the fact that i (MORE)

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