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Who was the treaty of Versailles for?

Germany, for them to accept responsibility for the war, payreparations, give one million square miles of land, and to limitits armed forces.
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Where is Versailles?

In the western suburbs of Paris (it used to be outside the city at the time the Palace was built).
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What is Versailles?

Versailles is a palace in France, but it can also be a band. See the related links below for more info.
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How big is Versailles?

The total land area for the city of Versailles, France is 10.11square miles. The elevation of the city ranges from 338 to 591feet.
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How do you get from London to Versailles?

The best way to get from London to Versailles is by the ChannelTunnel. After reaching Paris on the train, there are 14 trains thatgo to Versailles.
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Where is the palace of Versailles?

its in a small village out side of Paris Answer In Versailles, France,About 12 miles west of Paris.
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What and where is Versailles?

What is versailles? Versailles is a is a palace built in France by King Louis XIV (14) in the 17th century.. Where is versailles? Versailles is in France, it is a suburb of P ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Treaty of Versailles signed in Versailles?

Paris was (and still is) a popular location for signing treaties. The Palace of Versailles may have been chosen because Germany had used it in 1871 to proclaim its empire.
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Treaty of Versailles?

Google it :o nah im playin well. i assume you are going to mention the treaty as the cause of the WW2, as it did in a way open the way for Hitler to power. The treaty limit ( Full Answer )