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What is the primary function of the vertebral column?

The primary purpose of a vertebral column is to protect the group of nerves thus enclosed. Consider the fish, or most animals which have a horizontal column. This column als (MORE)
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What are the five regions of the vertebral column?

The five regions of the Vertebral Column are the Cervical Curvature, (consisting of 7 vertebrae), the Thoracic Curvature, (consisting of 12 vertebrae), the Lumbar Curvature. ( (MORE)

What is the vertebral column?

The vertebral column also known as spine is a bony framework found in the body. spine
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What are the regions of the vertebral column?

The cervical region, the thoracic region, and the lumbar region (and to be technical the sacral and the coccyx region as well).
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How does a spinal nerve exit the vertebral column?

The spinal nerves exit from the vertebral column through openings between adjacent vertebrae. These openings, called intervertebral foramina, are located just in front of the (MORE)

How many ribs are attached to the vertebral column?

You can count 12 ribs in your body and are all attached to the vertebral column but only 10 are attached directly to the sternum and 2 are floating
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What regions of the vertebral column do not contain intervertebral discs?

intervertebral discs are not found in the sacrum and coccyx, where the vertebrae have fused, or between the first and second cervical vertebrae.
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Do bony fish have a vertebral column and bony skeleton?

yes. bony fish (class osteichthyes) have a vertebral column and a bony skeleton. cartilaginous fish (class chondrichthyes) have a vertebral column as well but their skeleton i (MORE)