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What softens the jolt to the vertebral column?

  Between the individual vertebrae are cushions of encapsulated gelatin like substance called the disc. They work as squishy shock absorbers in the spinal column. A slippe (MORE)

What runs through the vertebral column?

  The Spinal cord is the simple answer. However, the spinal cord is made up of a number of parts. The EPIDUAL SPACE, the DURA, the SUBARACHNOID SPACE, the PIA and sitting (MORE)

What does the vertebral column do?

The vertebral column protects the spinal chord and nervous system,  is a conduit for peripheral nervous system, helps hold the torso  upright (in humans), allows for movemen (MORE)

Does an ant have a vertebral column?

      In fact ants have in contrast to humans and other vertebrates neither an internal skeleton nor a vertebral column, rather than that ants have an exoskeleton (MORE)

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