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Why are jaguars a vertebrate?

jaguars, belong to the class mammalia, i.e., they are mammals. All  mammals are in turn necessarily vertebrates. This can be stated  because jaguars, just like all other ver (MORE)

Are seahorses vertebrates?

  Yes. They are classed as fish and have backbones, so are vertebrates. Answer   Seahorses are vertebrate (have a spine) fish and belong to the Sygnathidae family.  (MORE)

Is a ferret a vertebrate?

Yes, Ferrets have spines. Haha. I think its funny you ask. They are so silly. The reason they are so flexible and can flatten there self's out, is because they are built to be (MORE)

Is a starfish a vertebrate?

No. A starfish has a hard shell and its inside is onlyorgans. To be considered a vertebrate the starfish wouldneed a spine and an internal skeleton (not to mention a head) (MORE)

Is an emu a vertebrate?

Yes, an emu is a vertebrate as are all other birds. They have an internal skeleton and a backbone which makes them vertebrates. All mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish (tr (MORE)
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Is a porcupine a vertebrate?

Yes, a porcupine is a vertebrate. As most land-dwelling animals, the porcupine has a fully developed spine, and the quills on its back are often called spines
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Is an earthworm a vertebrate?

No it is not as it does not have any back bone. It is classified asNematodes Vertebrates are members of the subphylum Vertebrata, which containschordates (animals with verteb (MORE)
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Are birds vertebrates?

They have a backbone, so yes they are. Yes Yes, all birds have backbones and therefore are vertebrates Yes, birds have spines. yes
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Are vertebrates autotrophs?

No, vertebrates are not autotrophs, they are heterotrophs. They cannot make their own food from light, nor can they use carbon dioxide. Because vertebrates have to obtain thei (MORE)