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What is an aperture?

Aperture measures the amount of light that enters the camera and exposes the film. Aperture values correspond to the amount of available light and the desired shutter speed. A (MORE)

What Is Aperture?

An aperture is an opening like a hole or slit (usually in a wall)   In the context of photography the aperture is the adjustable opening which governs the amount of light p (MORE)

What is a small very dense star?

Small dense stars are degenerate objects formed towards the end of a star's life fusing hydrogen as a fuel. The type of degenerate star produced depends on how massive it prec (MORE)

What is the aperture?

well aperture can mean like a hole or a gap or it can mean like the camra lens thing that opens and closes Aperture in the microscope- It is the hole that lets in light on (MORE)

Why is the divorce rate very small in Taiwan?

Type your answer here... It is not small. The Divorce rate is very high in Taiwan. As of 2006 the Divorce Rate in Taiwan was 8.4 people for every 1,000. To give that context t (MORE)