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What is the Spanish word for vestments?

Answer . vestidura means vestments but there are special words for each piece. For example, casula for chasuble, dalmatico for dalmatic, etc..
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What is a vestment?

A vestment is the particular robe, shawl, hat, and/or gloves, shoes,ect. of any religion used in it's performance. What ever the priest, minister, rabbi, guru..the officiating ( Full Answer )
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What is a liturgical vestment?

A liturgical vestment is the "suit" the minister wears. Each piece has a meaning to that particular sect and is put on in a particular order. Catholics, Episopalians, and some ( Full Answer )
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What are vestments?

A vestment is a special type of robe or uniform worn to perform aspecific job. Jobs where people wear vestments include judges,priests, and bishops.
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What are the vestments of the priest?

A gown (especially ceremonial garments) worn by the clergy. The original vestments worn at the time of Christ were of a much simpler design. Now, however the clergy have come ( Full Answer )
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Why does the priest where vestments?

The vestments symbolizes a greater meaning to that particular day. For eg: Green - . Ordinary Time Violet - Mourning e.g. Lent Red - Saint's days e.g St. Bartholomew' ( Full Answer )
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What are the Vestments a priest wears called?

The vestments that a priest wears during the Celebration of the Eucharist are an Alb, Cincture, Stole, and Chasuble. The vestments are traditionally laid out for the priest in ( Full Answer )
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What is a white vestment?

The white vestment worn by the priest is called an alb ( from the latin "albus", meaning "white"). It also worn by deacons, servers, and occasionally Eucharistic ministers. A ( Full Answer )
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What are the vestments of a pope?

. Papal regalia and insignia C . Camauro . Cappello romano F . Falda . Fascia (vestment) G . Greca L . Lappet . L cont. . List of pap ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition for vestment?

ˈves(t)mənt/ noun 1. a chasuble or other robe worn by the clergy or choristers during services.