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What is a veteran?

A person who has served in the military. a veteran is a person whohas fought for our safety a person who has risked their lives forour safety thanks them our country has no ha (MORE)

Are there veterans benefits for spouses of veterans?

My husband is a Army Veteran and I am not eligible for any benefits because I am not a Veteran. We live in Texas. If you are married to the veteran when he passes, you can (MORE)

What are veterans?

Veterans . Veterans are those individuals that served in the armed forces of their country. They put their lives at risk, voluntarily or by being drafted, to serve their co (MORE)

What were veterans?

Were? No, more like What are veterans. Veterans are people who have served or are serving for our country. They risk their lives for us and our country. These people are ver (MORE)
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What veterans did?

veterans is a generic term for anyone who has been around a long time. But I think you mean Military Veterans who are people who once served their country in the military but (MORE)

What do the veterans do?

It's not really what the veterans do, as much as what we should do. We respect the men and women who fought for our rights and freedom by giving them a whole day based on them (MORE)