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What is a veto?

The President's power to reject legislation passed by Congress.Congress can override a veto with 2/3 vote in both House andSenate.
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What is veto?

The rejection or overruling of a bill by the president Veto is a constitutional right to reject a decision or a proposalthat was made by a law-making body.
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What is a pivot veto?

It is important to note that there is more than one veto pivot. For example, the president can be a veto pivot, and in effect the veto pivots are the people who you have to ge (MORE)

What is pocket vetoing?

A pocket veto is a kind of legislative law-making maneuver. With  this maneuver, the president or any official with veto power is  allowed to effectively exercising that pow (MORE)

What is a package veto?

A package veto is a vote of "no" by a governor or the President of  the United States for the whole bill, not just a part of a bill.  The right to veto allows for the vetoer (MORE)
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What is pocker veto?

A pocket veto is used when the president doesn't want to declare for or against a bill. he simply doesn't sign it and the bill expires. He doesn't really put it in his pocket (MORE)

How are veto and pocket veto similar?

Veto and pocket vetoes both accomplish the same purpose; to block a non-procedural resolution in the United Nations Security Council. How they do this though is where there is (MORE)