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How does the veto work?

If congress makes a bill the president does not approve of he can veto it, after it is veto'd it is sent back to congress, where, if 3/4 of congress can agree to ratify (Agree (MORE)

What is a presidental veto?

Answer   When the President, representing the Executive branch, blocks a bill from becoming signed into law.
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Who can veto a bill?

who can veto a bill The executive branch is who veto's bills. Executive branch is the president. He is the only one who can Veto a bill if everyone else says Yes to it. (MORE)

Who veto bills?

  in the federal government, the presdent has the power to veto a bill after it has passed through congress. however, the veto can be overridden by a 2/3 vote in the Senat (MORE)

What is veto?

The rejection or overruling of a bill by the president Veto is a constitutional right to reject a decision or a proposal  that was made by a law-making body.
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What is a veto?

The President's power to reject legislation passed by Congress.  Congress can override a veto with 2/3 vote in both House and  Senate.
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What is a regular veto?

A veto is the constitutional procedure by which the President (or chief legislator of a state) refuses to approve a bill or joint resolution, and thus prevents its enactment i (MORE)

What does vetoed mean?

In politics, a veto is the power of one branch of a government to cancel or postpone the decisions, enactments, etc., of another branch. For example, the president can veto (c (MORE)