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What is a veto?

The President's power to reject legislation passed by Congress.Congress can override a veto with 2/3 vote in both House andSenate.

What is veto?

The rejection or overruling of a bill by the president Veto is a constitutional right to reject a decision or a proposalthat was made by a law-making body.

What is a pivot veto?

It is important to note that there is more than one veto pivot. For example, the president can be a veto pivot, and in effect the veto pivots are the people who you have to ge (MORE)

What is pocket vetoing?

A pocket veto is a kind of legislative law-making maneuver. Withthis maneuver, the president or any official with veto power isallowed to effectively exercising that power ove (MORE)

What is a package veto?

A package veto is a vote of "no" by a governor or the President ofthe United States for the whole bill, not just a part of a bill.The right to veto allows for the vetoer to ch (MORE)
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What is pocker veto?

A pocket veto is used when the president doesn't want to declare for or against a bill. he simply doesn't sign it and the bill expires. He doesn't really put it in his pocket (MORE)

What is the origin of veto?

"veto" is Latin for " I forbid" . The word does not actually appear in the US Constitution but has come to refer to the action of a President sending a bill back to Congress w (MORE)

How are veto and pocket veto similar?

Veto and pocket vetoes both accomplish the same purpose; to block a non-procedural resolution in the United Nations Security Council. How they do this though is where there is (MORE)