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What are facts about vets and how to become a vet?

  Study a lot in high school and college, get EXCELLENT grades. Emphasize sciences and especially life sciences. Get all the practical hands on life experiences possible w (MORE)

How can you be a vet?

Studying some Science and Biology along with math will help. Or (i live in NZ so yea...) you have to do chemistry, biology, & physics - for science and statistics & modeling - (MORE)

Why do you we have vets?

a vet is much like a doctor for humans. when YOU are ill or injured you need to be cared for. So, same goes for animals... Vets will cure animals, just as doctors cure humans, (MORE)
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What does a vet have to do to be a vet?

well, you have to go to college and get a vet degree. you have to study the bones, muscles and so forth. you need to get good grades in school and don't let anyone try to get (MORE)